Sunday, December 14, 2008

Air Supply - Every woman in this world

Over night scenes, dinner and wine
Saturday girls
I was never in love, never had the time
In my hustle and hurry world
Laughing myself to sleep, waking up lonely
I needed someone to hold me, oh

Its such a crazy old town, it can drag you down
Till you run out of dreams
So you party all night to the music and lights
But you dont know what happiness means
I was dancin in the dark with strangers
No love around me, when suddenly you found me, oh

(chorus) girl youre every woman in the world to me
Youre my fantasy, youre my reality
Girl youre every woman in the world to me
Youre everything I need
Youre everything to me, oh girl

Everything good, everything fine
Thats what you are
So put your hand in mine and together
We'll climb as high as the highest star
Im living a lifetime in every minute that were together
And Im stayin right here forever oh
(repeat chorus)


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